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EndCycle VS: Halloween Art Contest

Rattle your bones, step out of your grave and grab a pumpkin!

It is time for another EndCycle VS art contest! This time the theme is: Halloween! So it's up to you to make a drawing with the cast of EndCycle and how they celebrate the spooky month of October! Once again, there are a few prizes to be won, so check it out...

How To Participate:

In order to participate you have to simply:

  • Draw an image of the EndCycle VS cast in a Halloween getup or Halloween setting! Anything goes, as long as it's spooky!
  • Share the image on Twitter or Instagram and tag @endcyclegame on it!
  • If you'll post on Twitter: Retweet our contest tweet!
  • If you'll post on Instagram: Like our contest image!

The Rewards:

Of course, your endeavors will be rewarded! We are giving away these horrific prizes:

  • The artworks that show off the most creativity and skill will additionally be put into the game under the "Fanworks" section!
  • 5 Copies of the game (your choice if Android or PC) that will be given out to a random participant! No matter how skillful you are! Even beginners are eligible to win!

The Rules:

While we do want to see some sp000ky stuff, we do have some basic rules if you want to be eligible for the prizes:

  • The drawing should be Halloween-themed, simply making it gory or edgy does not suffice!
  • Only one artwork per participant is permitted!

Additionally, if you want to be eligible for the main prize:

  • The artwork should be SFW. We cannot add NSFW drawings into the game (this includes excessive gore or violence)!
  • Do not include Third Party IPs, as those are protected under copyright law and cannot be added into the game!

The deadline for the contest is the 31st of October! What a spooky date!

So without further ado, good luck and have fun! Also join our friendly community on Discord if you're looking for some new EndCycle buddies!

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